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Carey Ott Live @ The Bluebird in Nashville, Tennessee — House Band Wines Coming Soon!

   Nov 08

Carey Ott Live @ The Bluebird in Nashville, Tennessee — House Band Wines Coming Soon!

On Sunday, October 30th, we had the pleasure of hosting Nashville-based, singer-songwriter Carey Ott at our sister winery Krutz Family Cellars in Santa Rosa, California. We’ve known Carey for several years now, after being introduced to his beautiful songwriting through his manager, Gary Taylor. Gary is also Executive VP International for the acclaimed Canadian Music Week, which happens each spring in Toronto. We toast Gary for his relentless support for indie artists worldwide!

Joel Quigley of House Band Wines with Chef Christopher Greenwald and Artist Carey Ott

For Carey’s performance, the afternoon was a perfect Sonoma County day — 78 degrees, bright blue skies with a slight breeze. We were set up on Santa Rosa Vintners’ Square’s outdoor terrace, with guest Chef Christopher Greenwald serving up delicious dishes, and an eclectic mix of wine and music lovers. Carey delivered a captivating double-set of songs from his most recent release Human Heart, as well as tracks from his first album, Lucid Dreams.

Though he’s based in Nashville, Carey’s deeply passionate songs of love and loss are a blend of pop-rock and Americana (and more), with poetic lyrics that are far more abstract than the generally straight-forward story telling that comes out of the hub of country music. Needless to say, our guests drank it in, and cleaned out Carey of every last CD he’d brought along to share.

So how does this all tie-in with Carey Ott live at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville? Well, beyond supporting an artist that we love, House Band Wines has signed a deal with Athens Distributing Company in Tennessee. We’ll be in town to meet with our new partners and attend Carey’s show. Clearly, we’re very excited to be coming into one of America’s greatest musical States. We look forward to working with Carey and so many of the legendary music venues in Tennessee on future events in 2012!

If you’re a venue or artist in Tennessee that would like to work with us, please drop us a note. In the meantime, below are the details on Carey’s show and much more! 

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New York Times – The Boston Globe – The Washington Post – Robert Plant – Alison Krause – The Los Angeles Times etc. Award winning Wayne Brezinka has been the Artist behind the Art of a plethora of Prolific clients including Carey’s Human Heart CD.


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