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House Band Wines Media Coverage: Inspired Inspiration

   Nov 18

House Band Wines Media Coverage: Inspired Inspiration

Since our official launch this fall, House Band Wines has garnered a collection of media reviews and stories that we find inspirational, mainly because we feel like we’ve inspired people and vice versa. We share these stories and links below with some of our favorite pull quotes. We kick it off with a pull from Bill McCoy of Shakedown News. We love his music and wine pairings. If you’re so inspired, we encourage you to share your favorite wine and music pairings on our Facebook page!

Stage shot at SIR Sound Stages by Tom Plant of Wineormous

House Band Wines launch party stage shot at SIR Sound Stages by Tom Plant of Wineormous

Shakedown News
House Band Wines Bring Together Music & Wine at Launch Party in Hollywood

[House Band Wines] “…offers up a decadent selection of wines that stir certain musical feelings within your palate. Maybe it was just suggestive marketing at work, but I found myself sipping the White +3, a delightful mix of fruit undertones of peach, apple and pear, and thinking, this wine would go great with a String Cheese Incident or Lotus show. Taking your palate on a delightful ethereal musical journey. The Merlot made my palate dance to the sounds of Southern Rock like Allman Brothers and Widespread Panic, mixing dark chocolate with black pepper to give it that hard edge that Southern Rock delivers. The Cabernet Sauvignon…that’s easy as my taste buds were teleported backwards in time to those classic rock ‘n’ roll festivals of the late 60’s like Altamont or Monterey Pop with the Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. Lastly, the Chardonnay, a clean light and airy taste put me front row with a singer/songwriter and an acoustic guitar pounding out his passion with crisp clean notes on a beat up old instrument. Can you dig it?”

California Winery Pairs Wines Not With Food But Bands

“It’s called House Band Wines, and it offers selections at prices just above Ticketmaster fees, leaving plenty of money left over for concert tickets.”

Coverage of House Band Wines photo shoot at the Redbury Hotel in Hollywood

Coverage of House Band Wines photo shoot at the Redbury Hotel in Hollywood

“For hundreds, maybe thousands of years, music and liquor have been a marriage brewed and fermented in the vats of history. I’d even go so far as to say you can identify a certain style of music with the type of booze that the fans imbibe. Country Music; gotta go with Southern Whiskey and a cold Budweiser. Jazz brings thoughts of martinis. The Blues…nothing like a glass of fine whiskey on the rocks to make the Blues go down easier. Jamband music has got to be micro-brewed beer. The list goes on and on. But wine has, in my opinion, never really found its place in the line-up of musical libations. Until now.”
House Band Wine – Bringing Wine to the Music

“Their selection of wines were excellent, especially their Red+5 which had a distinct, but enjoyable taste.”

Nightclub & Bar
House Band Wines and Sonicbids Launch Wine & Music Showcase

“Our team of fanatical music fans will select six winning artists for House Band Wines to highlight during our launch…”

The Tasting Panel magazine
Brief Encounters, November 2011: House Band Wines

“Florian Etienne, Manager at the restaurant at the hip Mr. C Hotel in Los Angeles, poses with Patrick Krutz, founder of House Band, a wine created for music venues, clubs and other cool millennial accounts.”

North Bay Business Journal
Wineries pursue pouches for premium brands

“It’s really about talking to the end user about what makes sense for serving our products, and we’ll reverse-engineer it,” Mr. Krutz said. House Band is also being marketed via the music industry to pull the product through distribution into new markets.

Indie Music
Submit for House Band Wines’ Hollywood Wine & Music Showcase

“House Band Wines is dedicated to creating fun, affordable, and tasty wines ready to rock or roll anytime, while also promoting emerging artists that catch their attention.”

The Tasting Panel magazine
Brief Encounters, October 2011: House Band Wines

“Imagine a wine portfolio that fits into the rock lifestyle of nightclubs, bars and music venues. Such is the case with Patrick Krutz, a winemaker/négociant who has created a [wine] label for [record] labels and on-premise calls.”

LA Dine n Club
House Band Wines Launches

“Determined to bring delicious wine to the masses and large festivals, the new pouch is the perfect idea at events and locations where glass is prohibitive by offering quality California wine at an excellent price in a super-lightweight, re-sealable pouch.”

Our 375ml Merlot Pouch. Also Available in Chardonnay.

375ml Merlot flex pouch. Also available in Chardonnay.

James Skeen Blog
It’s All Rock n Roll

“The night was a success. We had great food and wine, got in some great people-watching, and we found an underdog band [hermes] to root for.”

Hollywood Today
House Band Wine & Music Concert Contest Winners

“House Band Wines, to my peasant palate, was wonderful. Their wine comes in two colors, and five flavors. I tried them all and they were delicious.”

House Band Wine & SonicBids Launch Artist & Wine Promotion 10/14

“Over the past two decades that I’ve been creating and producing wine and music events,” said Quigley, “I’ve always felt there was a niche to be filled by a wine brand completely dialed into the music scene, especially presented at the right quality/price-point ratio and with a relevant theme for strategic cross-promotions. When Patrick approached me with the idea of House Band Wines, and I tasted them, I was onboard.”

Get Your Style
House Band Wine & SonicBids Launch Artist & Wine Promotion 10/14

“Krutz was inspired to create House Band Wines when some of his music industry friends lamented that they couldn’t get good, consistent wines-by-the-glass for their string of music venues, and from a winery that truly connected with their audience to help grow wine sales.”

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