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The Wood Brothers Serve Up Inspiration & Zero-Calorie Shoefly Pie on National Tour

   Jan 15

The Wood Brothers Serve Up Inspiration & Zero-Calorie Shoefly Pie on National Tour

In a post-holiday daze of resolution and wishful commitment to burning off some newly acquired pounds carried over into the New Year, the House Band Wines team is pleased to serve up a heaping helping of zero-calorie Shoefly Pie by The Wood Brothers. In fact, if we all get off our butts and dance to this delicious track laid down by the sibling duo of Chris and Oliver Wood — renown for their soulful blend of blues, folk, back-porch funk — we might actually achieve a negative-caloric intake from this joyous slice of songwriting spiced heavily with funk-slappin’ standup bass, slingin’ slide blues guitar, and perfectly baked, multi-layered vocal harmonies.

Now what could be better than gorging in guilt-free seconds, thirds and fourths of Shoefly Pie? How about indulging in the live, full-course feast being hand-delivered by The Wood Brothers on their current national tour. Our founder and winemaker, Patrick Krutz, and the rest of our team, plan to do just that when the tour swings through Sonoma County Wine Country for their gig at The Mystic Theater on February 1st in Petaluma, California. The gathering will also be a reunion of friends…

Back in 2002, Patrick was introduced to the jazz-funk trio Medeski, Martin, and Wood — via his winemaking buddies Dylan and Tobe Sheldon of Sheldon Wines — when the band was performing in San Francisco. Many of our fans and friends already know that Patrick has a top-shelf winery called Krutz Family Cellars, which has been on fire, winning critical-acclaim vintage after vintage since its launch. At the time, Patrick had no intention of creating an Art Series label, but he had immediately become a fan of drummer Billy Martin’s visual art.

"I wanted the first vintage of my art label project to reflect or remind me of my roots and homestate of Mississippi. I was first thinking of trying to find something tied with a Blues motif, but when I came across this piece of Billy's, "Stay" it immediately took my mind to the Mississippi Delta, from where we Krutz's hail." ~ Patrick Krutz

Then in 2004, with his first vintage of Napa Valley Stagecoach Cabernet Sauvignon juice in the barrel, Patrick wanted to “do something a bit different and fun.” This is when the idea of his Art Series began to ferment. That same year, he went to hear MMW play at Villa Montalvo Performing Arts Center in Saratoga, California and he introduced the idea to Billy. Billy loved the concept, and from that year forward, the kit-kicker’s art has graced each vintage of Krutz Family Cellars’ Napa Valley Stagecoach Cabernet Sauvignon.

Considering the above historical thread, it’s fairly safe to say that the friendship that has come through Medeski, Martin, and Wood, and the varied musical incarnations derived from the band mates, including Wicked Knee and The Wood Brothers, have all in their own way played an inspirational role in the creation of House Band Wines. Our plan for the February 1st gig is to deliver a big “thanks” in the form of bottles of wine for the tour bus and, in turn, burn some serious calories devouring a full set of The Wood Brothers’ home-spun tunes.

Talk about a no sweat New Year’s resolution…

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