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   Jul 25

Flex Pouches


“For the days when glass just won’t make the cut…”  

~ Patrick Krutz, founder and winemaker

Great for Festivals & Concerts, Sporting Events, Camping, Hiking, Beach Outings, Picnics, Poolside Parties & Anywhere Glass is Prohibitive

Our 375ml Merlot Pouch. Also Available in Chardonnay.

Our 375ml Merlot & Chardonnay flex pouches are slated for early 2012 release!

House Band Wines continues its campaign to bring tasty wine to the masses with its new generous single-serve, serve-n-go pouch. Imagine going to your favorite festival and being able to order quality California wine at an excellent price in a super-lightweight, resealable pouch!

The venue loves it because glass safety issues are eliminated, service is expedited, and inventory control is vastly improved — no lost revenue due to spillage while serving and tossing out unsold oxidized wine.

Just Serve-n-Collect

The wine drinker loves it because the wine is from California and tasty. No more drinking plonk and negotiating festival crowds with a cheap plastic tumbler spilling wine over the sides. The pouch is ultra-convenient, super-lightweight and resealable.

Just Buy-n-Sip


94% Liquid, 6% Packaging

Approximately 80% Lower Carbon Footprint than a Standard 9 Liter Case of Glass Bottled Wine

Available in Case Boxes of 24 Pouches, with Optional 4-Pak Inserts (Equivalent to Standard 9 Liter Case)

Chardonnay & Merlot Single-Serve 375ml Flex Pouch SRP is Estimated at $4.99 each.

This is a no-brainer.


 Download the Environmental Fast Fact Sheet from the Flexible Packaging Association


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